How To Create A Good Descriptive Essay: Improving Your Writing Skills

A descriptive essay is one of the forms of academic writing that is based on a detailed description of a person, place, situation, notion, etc. Your main task as a writer is to convey your point of view in a vivid and sensuous manner, so as the thing described could easily be pictured in the reader’s mind. The images in the descriptive essay should seem alive to the reader. To achieve this, use the power of language and appeal to all human senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.

Some Advice to Writing a Strong Descriptive Essay

  • Select a subject to focus on.
  • When you are going to write this kind of an essay, exact facts or data are not of great significance. However, before you start, it is important to have deep understanding of the concepts used in the essay. Provide actual description and be as factual as you can. You need to do some research and think about the ways to reveal the topic. Brainstorm to get ideas that will help in expressing your emotions.

  • Create a thesis statement.
  • It is the main idea that governs the essay, states the aim and explains the choice of sensory details in the essay.

  • Don’t tell, but show.
  • The genre of a descriptive essay presupposes the ability to paint an image that is vivid and clear to the reader, to form an impression of the subject you describe in the reader’s mind. Write in such a way that the reader could see the sunrise, hear the birds` twitter, smell the smoke of autumn fires. Use descriptive and figurative language (simile, metaphors, hyperbole, symbols) as well as concrete images to convey your feelings and emotions and involve the reader.

  • Think over a clear and well-balanced structure.
  • The structure of a descriptive essay is similar to that of other kinds of academic essays. Normally, you should start with the introductory paragraph, in which you explain what or who you plan to describe, give your reasons of writing. You should formulate your attitude to the subject of the essay.

    In the main body state specific qualities of the subject, use lots of descriptive details of each particular quality in the following paragraphs. Create the opening sentence for each body paragraph to connect the ideas and show the relationship between them. In your conclusion summarize everything you have written, focusing on your personal feelings; justify the choice of the subject.

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