8 Useful Tips on How to Write Narrative Essay on an Event

A writing assignment is going to challenge you at times. A narrative essay is no exception. You will be making an impression on your readers by guiding them through an event, and not just providing editorial comment. There are some ways that you can write a narrative that gets people’s attention and is very informative.

  1. Second Person Is Not The Voice. It is your experience of the event and it should stay that way. Second person is a means of involving a person in the activity and that is not the basis for narrative.
  2. Choose Your Words Very Carefully. You want to be objective at the same time you do not want to be dry or stale. A good choice of words is going to keep the interest of the reader. Proper use of slang expressions is perfectly acceptable.
  3. Do Not Use The Passive. People are tempted to use passive and it is a construction that is used far too often. Your composition is going to better if you avoid it.
  4. You Do Not Have To Cite References. There is no need in the body of the essay to include citations. You can refer to a source while explaining something, but the textbook citation is not in good order.
  5. Resist the Step by Step Explanation. This is not a “how to” composition. You can be more general and avoid being incremental.
  6. Clarity Trumps Complexity. It is always better to be concise. Use nuance in some other form of writing.
  7. Write a Draft. This always helps in writing. You may remember important facts later on, and revise the draft to include them.
  8. Don’t Forget Proofreading. Small mistakes will happen during the creative process. Always go back over your composition to check for punctuation or grammar errors before you submit it.

The narrative is an opportunity for you to polish your skills. It is a great learning experience and you will be a much better writer because it. Be sure that you give yourself sufficient time to do a good essay. This is a composition which is a little bit different than what you may have done in the past, but that is all part of learning. You get better as you are challenged. The next time you approach this kind of assignment you will do an even better job than before. It is because you have prior experience in drafting a good narrative.

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