Nursing Interview

  1. The position you are aiming for requires a lot of courage and ability to work in a team. How could you contribute in the team building and team members?
  2. Without a doubt, nurse managers are to be in shape to work in the coordinating processes together with other team members. My work as a nurse manager will be based on three pillars: efficiency, excellence and communication. I would set up weekly meetings with my colleagues to discuss the issues and challenges they face while carrying out the tasks. Then, we will summarize the outcome and take into consideration the factors that may be perceived as challenging obstacles in providing proper health care to our patients.

  3. How would you handle conflict within the team of nurses?
  4. Certainly, each of us faces challenges at work. Since, nurses work in a stressful situation, there are some aspects that should be taken into consideration in the daily basis. For instance, if the conflict between the nurses occurs, no patients shall be involved in resolving it. As I mentioned above, the team work will be based on three pillars. In case of conflicts, it shall be regarded from two perspectives. If the outcome will be effectiveness, then such conflict shall be evaluated as a handle. If the conflict will have to do with the team miscommunication, then both involved parties shall be dismissed from work for a week. The comprehension shall be the primary case for understanding within the team, and my job as a nurse manager will be to ensure its effectiveness.

  5. What is the responsibility of nurse manager? How would you manage the work of other personnel, besides nurses?
  6. I am aware that nurse managers have to be engaged not only with nurses. Providing proper care to our patients include a set communication within front desk workers, assisting personnel, pharmacists and others who participate in the process. My personal responsibility lies in ensuring that all workers understand the goal of our work and that care provision is the target we all aim to reach. Yet, from my side I am to ensure that every worker clearly understands their responsibilities and duties. What’s even more important is the fact that nurse managers are to ensure time management within employees, too. Punctuality shall be the priority for all staff members I am going to manage. So, in my opinion, responsibility shall also be regarded as the ability to follow the set rules and regulations within the team.

  7. Without a doubt, nurse management includes financial management. What’s your opinion about cost containment? How could it be ensured?
  8. As a nurse management, I will be responsible for fiscal matters and strategic planning. I will not only have to ensure that costs are being spent properly but also take into consideration the needs for the future. Besides, the money received by patients are to be distributed to the staff members in a proper manner. Yet, my major responsibility regarding cost containment will have to do with monitoring. That will be the priority for ensuring that money is spent efficiently. Besides, I will have to ensure that every employee in my staff is satisfied with the payment they receive. Taking into consideration these factors, the three pillars I’ve mentioned will also be helpful in that matter.

Thank you very much for your time. We will consider you for the position.

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