How to Write an Impressive Analysis Essay

An analysis essay is one where you are tasked with analyzing something. For example: if you just finished reading a book in class and tasked with writing an analysis essay related to the book then your job will be to analyze something such as the characters or the literary tools the author used. You can analyze the effects that the setting had on the plot or how the personal experiences of the author affected the finished novel.

This idea is applied to any style of analysis essay you are tasked with. You can write a general analysis essay on why school uniforms are effective by analyzing things such as student behavior in schools that have them and schools that don’t. You can write an analysis on a method of reconciliation for a post-conflict society by examining the economic or social effects of the country after the reconciliation process compared to a country that used another method.

The point is to critically analyze some aspect or event or tool and present your findings in a coherent and logical manner. If you are interested in your topic then you will find it much easier to write a coherent paper that analyzes any aspect of the topic because your interest will motivate deeper research.

If you are writing about education based topics or school related topics you should review the list below:

  • Does class size play an important role in how well students learn?
  • Should students be given the same amount of space in the yearbook?
  • Should prom be continued?
  • Do parent teacher conferences do any good?
  • Should all children be required to attend preschool?
  • Should admissions for college be based on something aside from grades and SAT scores?
  • Should scholarships be based on specific criteria across the board?
  • Is affirmative action effective?
  • Should college rankings matter at all?
  • Is a college education even necessary today?
  • Should someone majoring in an applicable science field pay less for school than someone majoring in English?

Any of these topics can be used as the foundation for an analysis essay. You can analyze different arguments or features. You can analyze both sides and what drives both sides of a particular argument or question. By ensuring you have a well written thesis and supporting evidence for your topic you can write an impressive analysis essay.

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