Top 25 Potential Topics For Your Next Expository Essay

Expository essays make a factual presentation of a scenario or a theme. There is no scope for opinions here; just the best manner of acting in a scene. It does not hanker after ideal situations; just what is relevant.

Be frank

Needless to say, you should take a clear and crystal policy of calling a spade a spade and treating readers to groundwork rules. Now, if there is an expository piece regarding farming, you should not write epical poetries on the issue but suggest how the process of farming is conducted.

Research necessary

You obviously have to elaborate research since you will have to fill the piece with facts and actualities; with no space for frills or additives. Students find it tough to negotiate these pieces and naturally tilt towards persuasive or narrative write-ups.

Don’t be arbitrary

You shall not take an arbitrary or judgmental position while writing expository pieces on history. This is the urgent demand of these pieces. Meanwhile, here are 25 imminent expository essay topics for your purview –

  1. Explain the daily activity of a bank manager
  2. How is cocaine smuggled from Columbia into USA?
  3. Explain the technique tigers use to prey
  4. What makes junk food a health hazard for consumers?
  5. Which cartoon character do you think resembles you to the hilt?
  6. Explain the origins and spread of stock markets
  7. Explain how online interventions have begun to dominate the world scene
  8. Shed light on the impact of mass media; both positive and negative
  9. Explain the prowess of the Fourth Estate and why do governments fear it
  10. Explain the tricks swindlers use to come across as more aged than they are
  11. Explain the general camaraderie of a multicultural enterprise
  12. Explain the technologies of a latest garbage disposer
  13. Explain why students of certain schools fare better than others
  14. Explain the interdependence of finance and law streams
  15. Explain why a father can look after 5 sons but 5 of them find it hard to care for a single father
  16. Explain how people get bogged down by depression
  17. Suggest ways to succeed in academics; how to become a CA
  18. Explain the benefit of having dogs as pets
  19. Explain the follies of current Indian democratic system
  20. Explain the Middle East crisis
  21. Suggest ways for Greece to get out of the current Euro turmoil
  22. Illuminate on the measures Japan took to come out of Hiroshima-Nagasaki affair
  23. Explain how peace is a better attribute to have than money
  24. Explain the method of tending after terminally ill patients
  25. Explain how racism is beset in different facets of societal life

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