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A great way to get some ideas for different persuasive essay topics is to read examples that can be found online. These examples will help you find topics that have been covered before and help you get an idea of how to write this kind of essay. While examples are a good way to figure out how to write it, it can still be difficult to understand what should include in it, but this list will tell you all of the requirements.

What Should be Included

  • When you are going to write this kind of paper, you first have to find a topic. This topic has to be something that you can persuade your reader with and explain why it is better.
  • Your topic also has to have good information to back up your claim. These claims have to be valid, or your reader won’t take your paper serious.
  • You have to start out your paper with something that catches the reader’s attention; this will have them interesting in your topic as soon as they start reading.
  • You also have to include a thesis just like any other paper.
  • When you are doing your research, you should make sure that you have at least three good main points to include in the body of your paper.
  • The conclusion should state all of the information about the topic as well as retelling the reader you stand on the topic. What you are persuading them with.

Persuasive Topics

Here are some topics that you can consider when you are trying to figure out what to write about.

  • Mandatory Spanish classes for all students
  • Would kids do better in school if there were more incentives?
  • Should every school textbook be replaced with a smart device?
  • Should physical education affect a student’s GPA?
  • Should there be a tax on junk food to deter people from eating unhealthy foods?

All of the information provided should help you write your paper, and if you are still having difficulties, then you should search online and there you will be able to find samples, guides, manuals, and topics for your paper. Keep in mind as you are searching that your paper has to persuade the reader so look for topics that you can do that with because if you pick one that doesn’t have enough facts, you won’t have enough information to back up your claim.

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