Is Global Climate Change Man Made?

Ever since mankind learned to think in a coherent train of thought, it has utilized its mind to develop. From the wheel to an exceptional user-friendly computer interfaces, humans have made it a job to be naturally inquisitive and exploratory. The very reason led to the boom of the Industrial Revolution, the breakout of the world wars, and even the consequent technological leaps that followed. But in the race to be the most advanced species on earth, humankind ignored the symptoms of sickness that were plaguing its home.

The major cause of Global Warming is the gas Carbon dioxide, one of the most common emissions from sources on earth. Carbon dioxide, along with other greenhouse gases such as nitrogen and Sulphur dioxide is responsible for trapping the ultraviolet radiation entering the Earth's atmosphere in order to keep the planet sufficiently warm for habitation.

However, only a miniscule percentage of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation reaches the Earth. The rest is expelled by a protective layer of ozone, situated just above the Earth’s Stratosphere. If all of the radiation directed towards Earth were to enter the atmosphere, it would take only moments for most life forms to become extinct. This ozone layer, however, has been thinned severely due to the emission of Choro Fluor Carbons, a compound most commonly found in aerosols and refrigerators. The CFC compounds, when combined with ozone, cause a breakdown of the molecule and convert the latter into ordinary oxygen molecules, which is incapable of resistance against ultraviolet radiation. A larger amount of UV rays, thus, enters the atmosphere, and is unable to leave due to the presence of greenhouse gases, all of which is dissipated into heat.

Even worrisome is the fact that most of these greenhouse gases are commonly expelled as aerial waste from vehicles, industries, factories, chimneys and so on. This, coupled with an insufficient amount of trees due to the depleted forest cover, guarantees that enough fresh air is not produced in order to balance the amount of greenhouse gases in the air cover.

In the light of such happenings, it is not wrong to say that global climate change is a direct result of mankind’s thoughtless actions against the environment. The rise of industries and the desperate race to be crowned energy giants has made humans ignorant and careless. Fossil fuels, the most common sources of greenhouse gases, are burned without consideration. Lack of proper disposal methods for industrial waste and air pollutants is another major factor. Thus, it is high time that we realize the danger that looms over our heads: Global warming and the consequent climate change, is man-made, and dangerous, and if left uncontrolled, can make the possibility of our extinction very real.

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