Why You Shouldn't Use an Essay Topic Generator and How to Do without It

There are lots of developments as part of the digital revolution and an essay topic generator can certainly be counted as one of them. How did students get on before the Internet? They could go to a library and take out an encyclopaedia or a dictionary and wade through the pages looking for ideas for an essay topic. Then more recently people have become far more aware of the ability to do some brainstorming. This too is a way of generating essay topics.

But there are many websites which contain an essay topic generator. It's just a piece of software within a website where you click on a button and magically there appears on your screen an essay topic or topics. If you have nothing specific in mind as far as the type of essay and the type of topic then there's very little for you to do other than to click Go. But there are all sorts of problems with this type of activity and you're just some of them.

  • The topic generated may have little interest for you.
  • The topic generated may be difficult to write about.
  • The topic generated may have little relevant research material.
  • Many of the students may have done exactly what you've done.
  • You're missing out on using your imagination.

You will know by now that one of the key ingredients in writing a successful essay is your personal interest in the topic. If you love a topic, have an interest in the topic or would like to study the topic in greater detail you're in a far better position to write well than someone who comes up with a topic which has little or no interest for them.

Not all essay topics are the same. Some are easy to write about and some difficult. You’re stuck if the essay topic generated comes up with a topic which is really hard.

Then you could come up with a topic from the essay generator which sounds interesting and may even look interesting but which has little or no relevant research material. Or if it does have relevant research material it may be too hard to access. This is another reason why using an essay topic generator is not always a good idea.

What happens if lots of other students do exactly the same thing as you and you come up with the same or a similar essay topic? You want yours to stand out from the others instead of being just one of many written about that particular topic.

Finally there is the issue of using the computer inside your head. If you fail to give yourself the opportunity to use your imagination, you are wasting your ability to think and think outside the box.

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