How To Write A Synthesis Essay: Free Tips And Examples

If you want to know how to write a synthesis essay then look over these free tips and examples: This type of writing requires you to digest information and then to present that information in an organized manner to your reader. It is a skill that is often developed in high school and college but it can translate into the world of advertising and business quite easily.

Step 1: Examine the Topic

You want to first make an insightful connection between different elements within one work or between multiple works and to do that you need to present and support your claim. But how you do this is really contingent upon the instructions you were given by your teacher.

  1. Sometimes your teacher might ask you to create an argument synthesis. This is where you have a strong thesis that presents the point of view of the writer and organizes the information to present what the writer presented to you.
  2. Sometimes your teacher might ask you to create a review which is where you present a review of the topic, critically analyzing what the author presented and how, with relation to what has already been written on this subject. This is a common social science assignment.
  3. Other times your teacher might ask that you create a background or explanatory synthesis which is where you help the reader to understand the work by organizing facts related to it and presenting them in a way that the reader understands better. In this type of work you are not presenting a critical review or one perspective over another, but rather, remaining very neutral.

You want a topic that is broad enough to be covered from information taken from several sources but not too broad.

Step 2: Read relevant sources.

Once this is done you want to review relevant source material. You should be selective about the work you present here because it is your one chance to really find suitable information and digest it all. Give yourself enough time to get this done too. Don’t rush.

Step 3: Write your thesis.

Your thesis should encompass your point of view and the topic clearly, in one succinct sentence. It should be in the first paragraph or as the opening line in the first paragraph.

Follow this with your body and supporting evidence.

Follow Essay Guidelines Closely.

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