How To Pick Up Compare Contrast Essay Topics: Examples For College Students

The compare and contrast essay is commonly requested of college students maybe because it helps to develop the critical thinking and analytic skills of students. They often involve topics dealing with nature, animals, governments, social structures and many more giving rise to many debates and controversial opinions. This is another purpose of this essay type, it helps to bring out deep rooted beliefs or identify errors of judgment that may or may not exist in both the authors and the readers. Here are five tips for college students that should help choose compare and contrast essay topics easily:

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Brainstorming can provide the individual with many unique and interesting ideas as well as many useless ones. Don’t be bothered by this however, simply continue spewing ideas as they come and worry about sorting through them after.

  3. Consider your resources
  4. When deciding on a topic, it is important to consider how you plan to acquire your information based on the topic you choose. It is easy to be mistaken into thinking a particular subject would be fun to write on when in practice, it turns out that the choice you made started off really well only to fizzle out well before you have reached your word count.

  5. How impacting you wish your essay to be
  6. When writing an essay, it is important to consider your target audience. Having done this, you can now control how you wish to impact upon them the ideas you wish to present. When writing your paper, you can structure your examples to better enable the reader to relate to the ideas under discussion.

  7. Your comfort zone
  8. Do not be afraid to select a topic that is within your familiar setting, or comfort zone. This is actually an excellent method of choosing a topic since its is likely that you will be required to do very little research to acquire your data.

  9. Choice of topic
  10. Finally, after having consider all of the above, you are ready to make the final decision on what you are going to write your paper on. By now you already have a good idea but it is important to consider one final thing. People care the most about things that affect their lives so if you wish to have an impacting paper, choose a topic that a wide range of readers can appreciate and take interest in.

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