7 Components of a Good Definition Essay on Love

Love is a great topic for a definition essay. It isn’t a concrete object that most people agree on and define similarly. It’s an abstract concept and you can interpret it any way you like. You shouldn’t rely only on how others define the word but also on your personal experience and understanding. Use the following helpful guidelines to compose a strong definition paper on the topic.

What Is Meant by a Definition Essay?

In a definition paper, you should explain what a particular word means. You can look up the meaning of the word in a dictionary and base your piece of writing on this information. You can consider how other people understand the term and provide these explanations in your work. Finally, you can translate your own understanding of the topic into words. The more methods you use, the more complete your definition will be. Writing about abstract things, like love, gives even a broader field for research, and you can craft a lengthy and substantial paper on the topic.

What Will Your Definition Essay about Love Consist Of?

  1. Background information
  2. Start your paper with a traditional definition or the definition from a dictionary. This strategy will effectively introduce the topic and provide some background information about how love is generally treated. It’s also beneficial to open the paper this way if you define the topic in a considerably different way.

  3. Thesis statement
  4. Articulate your own definition of what love is. Be clear and brief in your thesis and avoid using passive constructions or unnecessary words.

  5. Topic sentences
  6. Start each body paragraph of your paper with a topic sentence presenting your point. For example, if you want to analyze different types of love, your points will be: family love, friendship love, conceptual love, etc.

  7. Evidence
  8. Use evidence to demonstrate the meaning provided in the topic sentence. These can be facts and anecdotes about love as well as vivid examples from your life.

  9. Negation
  10. Use one body paragraph to explain what the term of love doesn’t mean. By doing so, you’ll make your essay only stronger.

  11. Transitions
  12. Proper transition phrases are necessary to make the text coherent and improve the readability of your definition paper.

  13. Conclusion
  14. Summarize the points from your body paragraphs and articulate what love means for you once again. You can also explain how the need to define the concept of love influenced your life. If your perception of the word is now different from what it used to be, mention this in your conclusion as well.

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