How To Start An Informative Essay: Tried And True Methods

The informative essay is designed, usually, to instruct or reveal to the readers the true nature of a particular subject, both by providing evidence and examples to support the conclusions made. Authors go about this in many ways, some being more effective than others. The choice of style greatly affects the impact of the essay on the readers depending on the topic matter. Here are several features that every essay should have, regardless of style and in the following points, I will attempt to outline tried and true methods of starting an informative essay:

  1. Strong starting or thesis statement
  2. In this case, the thesis statement is more of a declaration of truth than one meant to be proven. Consider what you know and what you are about to provide evidence for when making this statement. It won’t hurt to make it catchy or slightly controversial as well, where applicable.

  3. Decide the course you wish to take with your argument
  4. You are about to present evidence to your readers that will change their minds about a topic they previously thought they understood, or know nothing about. This will not be an easy task so some strategy is necessary, you want to find ways of appealing to your reader’s sensibilities while remaining objective and true to your evidence.

  5. Present enough information to spark interest
  6. The beginning of any paper is usually geared towards encouraging readers to view the entire piece. This can be done using two methods, you could begin with a controversial or contradictory statement, or one that is catchy, for example; An apple a day does not keep the doctor away.

  7. Utilize a transitional hook at the end of the first paragraph
  8. At the end of your introductory paragraph, a common practice is to tease the reader’s interest with a slight bit of interesting information, implying further discussion on this topic in further paragraphs. This can encourage a reader to continue, in search of more.

  9. Make sure you have a strong conclusion to accompany your strong start.
  10. The conclusion can be considered the final brush stroke in your masterpiece and it should be made with tact. Before presenting your data consider what you wish to state as your conclusion and structure your introduction, as well as all the information within, to best support this final statement.

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