8 Brilliant Ideas For Your Essay About Soccer Injuries

Soccer injuries are excruciating and definitely aren’t fun. And that’s as far as your knowledge goes about those injuries, so you have no idea what to write about, along with the fact that you do not understand why this is even significant to your curriculum when you don’t even like soccer. We cannot disagree, but all we can do to help is provide you with some ideas that you may find useful in writing your essay.

  • Why they happen: The player tripped and fell of course, duh! Yes, yes, but it is possible that they have done so as a result of their nervousness. This kind of nervousness in sports colloquialism is known as choking. When you learn a certain sport or anything psychical in particular, your knowledge is wholly implicit. Meaning that you know how to kick the soccer ball and aim, but you do so unconsciously. When one “chokes”, they turn to their explicit system. They begin thinking too much about how to do it, turning to the conscious system, which has no idea how to play soccer, and that is when they’re negatively affected and start doing stupid things like tripping and falling. Oooh science!
  • How to prevent them: Other reasons include other players being jerks and deliberately kicking you in the shin. To prevent those, we could reward said players by the sitting on the holy throne known as the bench. Or we could kick them out of the team. The point is, wanting to win can psychologically make you want to do nasty things, like causing soccer injuries that have dangerous effects such as writing an essay about them.
  • What to do when they happen: We’re not here to tell you what to write, but we will let you know that doing a brief research on what paramedics should do when dealing with an injured person on the field would be a nice touch to add.
  • Protective gear: Maybe players should wear more protective gear around their shins?
  • Terrain: It’s possible that the ground has grown worn out and needs some maintenance.
  • More science: Why do those players hold their shins in agony when they get injured? Is it really that bad? You could look up what happens below the skin. Is it bone or muscle injury?
  • Examples: To make things more intriguing for readers, be sure to include an example of an injury, maybe a brief story to include at the beginning of the body before you start explaining.
  • Narrate: Instead of including a story, why not make it entirely a story? If your teacher wasn’t specific about what kind of essay you should write, it would be a good idea to make it a narrative.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Be sure to come and visit us regularly for more topic suggestions.

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