Expert Advice On How To Create An Exploratory Essay Outline

Students have to write dozens of academic essays every year, so they learn how to communicate their ideas in writing. One of the most popular assignments is an explanatory paper in which you have to learn more about a chosen subject and formulate your personal position on it. In this kind of writing, you should not demonstrate your deep knowledge on the topic, but rather ask a question and gather information to answer it.

How to Organize Your Explanatory Essay

Creating a detailed outline will help you compose a well-organized explanatory essay. To prepare a strong piece of writing, follow the expert advice below:

  1. Include all the important elements in your introduction.
  2. This part of your outline should include the issue that you address, an explanation why it is important, possible causes and effects of the issue, people affected by it, and perspective solutions.

  3. Describe how you researched your issue.
  4. In your paper, you should discuss why you chose the issue and how you found out about it, provide a brief review of sources, and include your personal point of view. It is recommended that you reveal the course of your thoughts and how you come to your conclusions.

  5. Compose some points for your conclusion section.
  6. Your conclusion should restate the problem that you studied. This assignment implies that you still have some questions regarding this problem, so you should provide a short list of such questions, along with a brief explanation on where your readers can find the answers.

Where to Find a Great Sample Explanatory Essay Outline

Experts recommend that you find and use a sample explanatory essay outline while you are working on your assignment. This will help you understand how to organize your own writing and what a great outline should look like.

The easiest way to get a few examples is to search on the Web. You can find both papers written by other students and assignments prepared by professional academic writers. It is a good idea to study documents provided by an academic writing center or educational institution so that you will get a proofread outline.

You can also visit a study forum and ask students to share the examples of their explanatory essay outlines. Pay special attention to how other students connect different parts of their papers and what supporting arguments they use. It makes sense to note the important details while you are studying the samples so that you will be able to come back to them later.

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