A Manual For Composing A Strong Persuasive Essay On Racism

If you want to write an essay, depending on which type, it will be a fairly easy job. Usually it doesn’t that long so it’s not really time consuming and if you are good at the topic and you take a few steps before you actually start writing, it won’t become effort consuming either. It will be a piece of cake, and you will be glad you have taken the few extra steps once you realize how fast you actually finished writing and how well everything came out in the end.

  • - Introduction. Well present your main idea here. The topic is something you have chosen so present it briefly here. You have time to give examples later. Tell the world about racism, what it is basically (discrimination based on certain criteria ) and show why you think this is something unproductive for our society and for ourselves as humans ( If you think it’s unproductive of course, if you think it has a good side than present it as well )
  • - Style. The style should be something everybody can understand. Don’t use big words try to explain things pretty simple so that everybody can understand what you are trying to explain in this essay. You will get more people to listen to you , and you might change the mindset of a few subjects who are racist to a certain extent.
  • - Give examples. Well giving real life examples to illustrate your idea is a great thing to do. This way you can make people identify with this ,so make sure you give examples on both sides, for example one black man that is being oppressed and a white one. This way you can get both of the reader’s to understand how it feels to be oppressed and to oppress at the same time. You will make them think twice before they will be racist again just because their color or religion or whatever they want to focus on.
  • - Psychology. Well racism has it’s roots in some principles of psychology. So make sure you present a few problems and how they manifest as racism and in the end give solutions to them. This way if you find someone who is being racist and you give them your paper, they can understand why better and maybe in the process they will change their behavior towards other people.

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