Things You Need to Consider while Looking for College Essay Examples

When you are looking for college essay examples you need to take into consideration:

  • That it is relevant to your field of study.
  • That is it relevant to the curriculum you are studying.
  • That it s actually a good example.

Some of these points may seem to be obvious but when you are pushed for time, sometimes the basics get pushed to one side.

  1. Relevance.. The important thing here is to find examples that are representative of your field of study. if you are looking for a Sociology essay then looking at an essay for Literature will not give you a full view, as the referencing format may differ; the way the essay is structured may differ and the focal point may not meet your requirements.
  2. Curriculum. Curriculums vary from college to college, this is partially due to the structure of the course or it may be due to the emphasis on different components of the course as dictated by the examining board or it may be down to the preference of your professor or tutor.
  3. A Good Example. Not every example you find online will be a good example. Ideally you need to find an example that will have some sort of marking dialogue that will give you an idea of what parts of the essay are deemed as exceptional, good or poor. There is little point in you modeling your essay on an example you have found that is poor and will only serve to get you a poor grade.

One really clever thing you can do is to access several different examples that meet your criteria, and are also representative of a spectrum of the grades.

  • Set aside a little bit of time to read through these essays, make a mental note of which of the essays are easy to read and why (is it the logical progression of ideas? Well presented facts that are supported by provable evidence?).
  • Have the essays been proofread? Act as a proofreader and editor; pick out errors that are commonplace and frequent. Do you find that your work generally has the same errors?
  • If you were the tutor marking these essays, what grade would you give them? Pick out one of the examples that you would like to use as a model for your own essay.

This exercise does not have to take a long time – the investment if an hour or two will be rewarded when you produce an essay that ‘rocks’.

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