How to Pick the Best Topic for Your Persuasive Essay in 4 Steps

To write a great persuasive essay that will attract the attention of your teacher and other readers, you should first select an interesting topic. Often, students are assigned to write persuasive papers on particular themes, but sometimes you may pick whatever you want to write about. If you follow the proper rules, you’ll be able to come up with a great subject. Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Start brainstorming.
  2. To pick a great subject, you should make a list of potentially interesting topics. First of all, you should think about themes you’re interested in or concerned about. Secondly, write down the subjects that you know well. Finally, add the questions that concern almost everybody. This list will be a good foundation for the further steps.

  3. Avoid overused topics.
  4. To create an interesting, original, and meaningful persuasive essay, you should pick a title that hasn’t beenused by every other student. Subjects like global warming, violence in the media, or the death penalty have been chosen by many students. To get a high score, your point should be fresh. Eliminate all the topics from your list that seem to be overdone.

  5. Narrow your topics.
  6. To solve the problem stated in the previous step, you canalso narrow down some common questions to make them more specific. For example, writing about the benefits of alternative sources of energy is rather common, but if you concentrate on some specific sources, like geothermal plants, your work will bring some new information for your teacher and other readers to learn about.

  7. Choose a topic that you can research.
  8. When it comes to the final stage of coming up with a topicfor your persuasive essay, you should select something that has plenty of information available. For example, if you try writing about a piece oftechnology that is only in its early development stage, you won’t find enoughdata to raise and support your arguments properly. However, if you want to write about the benefits of awell-known technology, you’ll find many sources that you’ll be able to use in support of your arguments.

Keep in mind that whatever subject you choose, it should be important and educational for your readers. There is no need to persuade your readers about something if it doesn’t have any practical meaning. Make sure that your readers have a lasting impression after reading your essay and want to convey your ideas to other people.

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