How To Make Your Long Essay On Smoking Stand Out

Smoking is a vice, which actually has a vice-grip on an incredible number of people globally. It needs no introduction and there have been enough research done on its impact, adverse effects and yet the continuation because of the viability factor.

The Satanic lure

It is amazing how the three combined vices of cigarettes, alcohol and casinos add so much to the Govt. treasury that they are extremely loath to call them off. That these are harmful both to the health and wallet are of least concern to most authorities.

Set the boundaries

While writing a competent and long essay on smoking, you should set parameters. First jot down direct impact; then indirect; then the economic point of view; then the ways to curb the process and finally towards salvation. Each segment should be laden with resolve and logic. There is need for believability and emulation.

Direct emphasis

You should emphasize on the fact that cigarettes are termed kill sticks, as they make lungs vulnerable in due time. The hands become shaky and people become addictive. Smoking causes other problems such as obesity, constipation; irregular circulation et al.

Passive effects

You should then turn into the secondary impact; smoke exhalation for those around you. Your dilapidation, even if gradual, begins to take its toll on your family members. The essay should then turn to the monetary inflections. Even if cigarettes are not expensive; a chain smoker smokes through his wallet.

The curbing process

You may turn towards means to curb smoking in your essay. Stuff like e-cigarettes, nicotine patches and de-addiction centers have proliferated but there is always the danger of relapse. You should point out innovative ways which may actually help check the habit. Remember not to offer alternate remedies which are equally harmful.

Value of facts

You also have to accumulate some heart-wrenching facts about smoking; which may act as eye-openers for readers. Facts and figures arm essays with resounding power, lending it an expository outlook. Thus, it becomes an intelligible mix of opinion and facts.

A tasteful conclusion

You should culminate with a reveling solution to the problem. You may also suggest that smoking does make the indoor air quality quite insufferable; which is another big disadvantage. The better your solution is; the more streamlined your essay comes out as.

You can actually take inspiration from people around you may be your family members or neighbors. When you accord your essay with a personal touch, you lend it grace and elegance.

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