12 Unexpected Argumentative Essay Topics That Will Get You Inspired

Argumentative essays are fun because you get to try to convince your teacher and peers to agree with you. You can write about a topic that you love and enjoy the work. The next occasion that you are assigned a composition, you can use one of our 12 innovative and inspirational topic ideas.

  • 1. Students should be paid to go to school
  • 2. All students should be required to take two semesters of fine arts’ classes
  • 3. Why all high school graduates should be able to go to college for free of charge
  • 4. Why one athlete in a sport is better than another in the same sport
  • 5. Should school security officers be allowed to carry weapons
  • 6. ________ should be elected as the President of the United States in the 2016 election
  • 7. Why hard copy textbooks are better than electronic textbooks
  • 8. Why teaching for a test is bad for students and the education system
  • 9. School should start later in the day because it has been shown that young people are more alert and receptive to learning after 9:00 am
  • 10. Why medical marijuana should be allowed in the entire United States
  • 11. The Miami Heat is actually a Better team without LeBron James than they were worth him
  • 12. Vest cameras will reduce the incidents of police brutality

Your paper will have one-inch margins and it will be double-spaced. Exact formatting will determine whether you follow the MLA or APA structure per your teacher’s instructions. You will use a size 12 plain font such as Arial or Times New Roman. You will have references and in text citations.

Your teacher will tell you whether he or she wants a Works Cited or a bibliography. You will have deadlines and teacher instructions that you should follow. You will have to turn in an electronic submission as well as a hard copy. With the hard copy submission, you will also need to give the teacher your outline, your rough draft, your final draft, and your reference sheet. If at any time, this writing process seems to overwhelming to you, you should get professional writing help. You could use a tutor or employ a professional writing company. You will enjoy this type of writing. And feel free to use one of our 12 unexpected argumentative topics that will inspire you.

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