Tips For Writing An Informative Essay On The Problem Of Bullying

For children who have to face bullying, it is a big problem. Their self-esteem is knocked down and they lose their confidence. Going to school every day is a dreaded event. Severe bullying can result in becoming suicidal. There are many documented cases of bullying resulting in dire consequences. Writing about this topic gives you a lot of choices about which angle on bullying you want to explore.

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What is your position as writer?

You should try to maintain objectivity while writing informatively. It can be difficult to not be swayed to one way of thinking, but you should try not to make an argument or impart your point of view. Your job is to just present evidence or information and let the reader make their own judgment.

Pre-writing steps to take

  1. Decide on your topic. What do you think is important? What would your readers benefit from the most? The topic must not be too broad or you can’t cover it in depth. It must not be too narrow or you will run out of sources to use.
  2. Create your thesis statement. What is the point of your essay in one statement? You can revise this statement somewhat as you go along. It must be specific and concise.
  3. Do your research and take detailed notes. Include quotes where relevant and make sure to cite everything properly.
  4. Use the main points you fleshed out in the research to create an outline for your paper. It should have one main idea per paragraph.

Writing your paper

  • Use a hook to begin your opening paragraph. It must lure your reader in. You do it by using a tidbit of information so interesting they can’t resist. They feel compelled to keep reading. It could be a quote, a question or a bold statement. You must be able to back up your hook by supporting it with evidence you provide in your essay.
  • Use the outline to write your paper. The main ideas will help you stay on focus and not get sidetracked.

Follow Essay Guidelines Closely.

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