How To Create A Strong Problem Solving Essay On Drunk Driving

Few issues are as difficult for drivers to deal with as the possibility of blindsided by others who are under the influence of substances that dull their senses and increase reaction time. This is something that causes accidents that maim and even kill innocent people of all age from the unborn to the elderly. This is a problem that requires deep thought and analysis. This article will give you some tips that can help you to produce a paper that adequately address this issue.

Read other solution papers

Juts because a writer has come up with a different solution does not mean that paper cannot be used as reference. Read as many of these as you can access and make note of the methods used by the writers that most effectively conveyed their points. This is not meant to mirror the format of an argumentative paper so try not to fall into that trap just because that style may be more familiar to you.

Collect research on the phenomena

There are many statistics on the incidence of people being pulled over by police for operating motor vehicles while under the influence. There are certain things you should be looking into specially : what age were the majority of the offenders? Is this a regular occurrence or are the majority of drivers obeying the law? If possible look into the societal acceptance for such behaviors because this will help you in finding ways to curb it.

Derive points from your statistics

Statistics alone will give you numbers which can be a great use but they will not write the paper on their own. You have to derive points from what you read and ensure that every one that you extract for inclusion in your paper is strong enough to successfully argue.

Think of how these points can help in the creation of solutions

This is the brainstorming section. You will be expected to come up with a way to stop this bad thing from happening so put on your thinking cap and use all of the information around you in the best way possible. There will be obvious solutions and less obvious ones. You could suggest a good advertisement campaign that highlights the dangers to innocent bystanders and how inconsiderate it is to endanger others for the chance to become tipsy. A system of designated drivers on call could even be a good business opportunity.

Follow Essay Guidelines Closely.

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