Writing Tips For Students: 5 Main Characteristics Of A Reflective Essay

Reflective essays are a reflection on oneself. Basically, for a student, they deal with his academic development; the achievements as well as the problem he faces. Subjectively, they may also deal with other streams of his life and how he has evolved through phases.

Clarity and flow

Writing a reflective piece requires clarity of thought, a flowing writing style and an unclouded vision. Since it deals with yourself, it is pretty easy to get prejudiced. You need to keep your oats about the mill if you will.

Herein are five essential characteristics while writing a reflective essay –

The topic – Assess how you gained a thorough grasp of Mathematics; a subject you used to dread.

  1. Flair for description – You need to identify and describe the crucial junctures. What made you dread the subject? Was it the ordinary fare (Mat terrorizes many students) or was it something special for you? You can bring a fresh perspective in the essay through your description.
  2. Careful analysis – You need to be analytical to write a reflective piece. You have to analyze how you actually defeated the demon. You need to acknowledge the helping sources; even your inner core.
  3. Need to construct – You cannot directly reach the conclusion. The essay has to be sequential and constructive; cruising through layers and impacting segments. The thought-process should be unhindered so that there is evident flow of creation. Readers will naturally be interested.
  4. Unhinging the problems – You need to assert on sections where you unhinged the mental blocks you had about Math. You should also place veritable information on how you got over other problems in your quest to gain a decisive grip over Math. In this manner, your essay will gain a bigger light of reflection and you will easily sneak into the reader’s psyche.
  5. A gift of solution – Since you have managed to gain a grasp over the subject, most readers would like to know how you did it. You should present the solution in a personable, amicable and clear way so that it can be emulated by others. Make it a point to address people in first person for that personal touch.

Point to remember

Remember that the essay is your reflection; a look-into your life and your ways. You cannot expect others to be in the same boat. Some students may automatically warm up to Math. Your aim through the piece is to impress the way you got the better of your problems so that people on the same page as yours can reach the guiding light.

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