Technology Applied in Nursing

Nursing is one of the greatest careers that anyone can have because you are in the business of healing and caring for individuals. The main job functions of a nurse are as follows:

  • Aid to doctors in the care of patients.
  • Daily care of patients while they are in the hospital.
  • Assist doctors in the operating room.
  • Ensure that patients receive the prepare care from all hospital staff.
  • Ensure that patients take all medicine and receive the care needed to make them feel better.
  • To be a shoulder to cry on for the patient’s family members.

Being a nurse is one of the best jobs to have in the medical field and the nurse is the second in command after the doctor. Doctors depend on nurses in many ways like:

  • Let the doctor know what is ailing the patient.
  • The nurses are normally the first to diagnosis what is wrong with the patient.
  • The nurses ensure that the patients receive the prepare care and treatment from the doctor.
  • The nurses ensure that patients are treated with the utmost care and respect while in the hospital.
  • The nurses will ensure that the patient vital signs are checked on a regular basis while in the hospital.

In the medical field there have been many advancements in the care of patients. There was a time when patients had to stay awake when they were being operated on. But, now patients are being put to sleep with medicine. This ensures that the patient doesn’t have any pain during the operation. This makes it easier for the doctors and nurses to operate on the patient.

There have been great advancements in medical technology when it comes to nursing. Now a days, nurses have been given more duties in the care of patients. Now, nurses are able to administer certain types of drugs to patients, they are able to give patients shots, and draw blood from patients. Nurses are now able to do minor surgeries like stitches or fix springs.

The equipment and medical devices used by nurses and doctors have improved over the years as well. For example, the nurses no longer use thermometers to check a person’s temperature. They use a device that the nurse places on the patient’s forefinger to check one’s temperature. Also, nurses can check the patient’s blood pressure with the same device. There is a medical device that the nurses use now to check all vital signs of the patient at one time. Also, many hospitals now keep patient records in electronic files and there is no longer a need for paper files.

The technological advancements in the medical field have been amazing for the care of patients. The advancements made in nursing have made it easier for nurses to do their job when it comes to caring for patients. The medical field has made many advancements in the care of patients.

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