A Quick Guide To Writing A Brilliant Creation Vs Evolution Essay

The creation vs evolution is a huge debate and it would occur to different people’s mind at different points in their life. When a person starts thinking about things, he gives more attention to minor details, it is no surprise that he will ask of or, look for evidence or, logic behind his own creation. So did Darwin, with the little data he had available and the cultural and language barriers. Darwin only tried to explain the theory of Genesis and a Supreme existence in a more logical and chronological order. There is definitely no reason why one should believe that Genesis is the opposite of evolution or that science tries to reject faith or vice versa.

What are genesis and evolution?

If you are to write a brilliant essay on creation versus evolution, then you must have a fair understanding of both. The Genesis is a Biblical or religious point of view for creation which states the man and his female partner came into being by a piece of dirt to which the God gave its breath. The Darwin theory of evolution states the process of natural selection and survival of the fittest and suggests that all life belongs to one cell and evolution of that cell over a period due to changes in climate, habitat, and chemical reactions.

What should you believe?

The question whether you should support Darwinism or oppose it depends upon your personal preferences and opinions. It is not mandatory that for believing in one you must refute the other because you may even be able to take them side by side. The important point is that whatever stance you want to take in your essay, you must have enough evidence to support it. You should stay careful because the evidence available for both the point of views is critical and you need not include questionable sources in your paper. Support the stance that you like but make sure you have enough evidence and valid reasons for believing so and telling it your readers

Do not preach

Remember that your essay is not a place to preach your ideas and most of the times it is a test of what you have read and learned in the class so far. If you are to give a measure for the age of the Earth, do not come up with unverified and wrong answers and state what you have read in your syllabus

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