How To Create An Introduction For An Opinion Essay

The beginning of your paper is so important because it is designed to give your reader the information that they need to understand the rest of the piece. There are some really effective ways to ensure that you write an excellent introduction for your opinion essay. An opinion essay does just what it sounds like it does. It gives your opinion on a topic and then describes why you feel that way. Here is how you want to start it off.

Getting your reader’s attention

You will need to make sure to first work at getting the attention of your reader. You can do this by telling an interesting fact. Think of a way to make your reader want to know more. It may not be the best idea to just blurt out your opinion on a subject in the first line. Because if the reader disagrees, they will stop reading and you won’t have your chance to convince them otherwise. Ease into your opinion on the subject by stating an interesting fact first that helps support your side of the issue.

Presenting information about your topic

You will also need to give the background information on the topic. Treat this section like you are teaching someone who never heard of your topic before about it. It is really the only way to do it because you really want to reach any one and not just those that know what your topic is about. When you give some background information so that they can understand the rest of the article, you are giving your opinion more power.

Establishing your opinion

Now that you set the stage, it is time to let your audience know your opinion and the reasons why. This will be a one sentence statement that the rest of your paper will work to prove. It will become the focus of your paper and your thesis statement. It should be respectful to the other side of the issue and therefore the reasons can’t be anything like “it’s true because anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot”. Use actual reasons to support your claims.

You have to be careful when writing an opinion essay to state the reasons why and work to prove it and to not let the emotion take over. That way you are sure to write a solid piece.

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