Where To Find An Example Of A Descriptive Essay Without Effort

Students have a tendency to love objective type questions more than the subjective ones. However, there is nothing objective about a descriptive essay. Here, you have to take a matter on the whole and classify it in its entire existence.

  • Labor gets results
  • Although you can easily find descriptive essay topics online; getting meticulous ones may take labor. It is more convenient to be observant and pick up topics from the lives and situations around.

  • Newspaper elements
  • You may delve into newspapers and read diligently the relevant topics. You will get enough examples of women’s harassment; red-tape, police corruption; sporting failures. They all are subjective and can be analyzed with plenty of words to spare.

  • Defining lives
  • You can also assess your parent’s style of rearing with others and analyze the similarity and differences. Sibling rivalry is another topic for descriptive essay. You may also assess lifestyles of different classes of people and turn them into descriptive essays.

  • Analyzing any category
  • You will get plenty of descriptive essay topics no matter which category you take at random. Sports, Politics, Health; Fashion, Nutrition; they are all laced with tremendous topic potentials. Just get deep into a chosen category and capitalize.

  • Govt. policies
  • Now, here is where you will need to do eminent research. Whether it is disinvestment or deregulation; constitutional amendment or a sudden passing of a law; economic or social policies; there is enough spice to cherish here.

  • Natural elements
  • Assess the climatic conditions of your city or the neighboring one; analyze the effects of oceans and mountains. Nature has in its lap thousands of descriptive essay topics if you care to look into it. Also, since it comes naturally; there is no effort required.

Here are 10 descriptive essay topics for your purview –

  • Describe the impact of Renaissance painting on Modern painters
  • How much are architects influenced by nature in their designs?
  • Describe the day when you felt the happiest in your life
  • Describe how the US Government came into existence
  • Describe five discoveries by serendipity; Gravity being one
  • How to turn an obese body into an hourglass figure
  • Describe the ill-effects of Communism and how it has adversely affected Russia
  • Describe the system with which movies are made nowadays. How is it different from earlier times?
  • Describe how banks solicit loans and how they analyze the paperwork
  • Describe your first day in the kitchen

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