Parkinson Disease

Parkinson's disease is a progressive disease that takes over the nervous system affects movement. Parkinson's develops gradually and can start with something as minute as a tremor in your hand. And while a tremor is the most well-known sign of Parkinson's, the disease also causes slowing of movement and stiffness in the body. In the early stages of Parkinson's a face my show little or no expression in the arms may no longer swing when steps are taken. Speech will become soft or slurred. The symptoms of Parkinson's disease will worsen as a condition progresses. although Parkinson's cannot be cured, with medications you can improve the symptoms. In some cases a doctor may recommend surgery to regulate areas of the brain and improve the symptoms.

The symptoms of Parkinson's can vary based on person. Early signs and symptoms can bury person to person. For some people the early symptoms are mild and may not even be noticed but for others the symptoms can start off quite severely. Symptoms will typically start on one side of the body and continue to worsen on that side before they move to the other side. Some of the first symptoms include tremors. One lamb, usually the hand or the finger will start to shake. You might notice that a rubbing of your thumb and forefinger feeling takes place sharp as a pen. One of the characteristics of this disease is having a tremor of your hand when your hand is at rest. Slowed movement is another symptom.

With time your ability to move might be slowed. Regular movements for simple tasks may become time-consuming. Steps may become shorter and getting out of a chair may prove difficult. Rigid muscles can occur in any part of the body limiting the range of motion and causing severe pain. Posture can become stooped and problems with balance are typically a result of this disease. For some people there is a decreased ability to perform movements that are otherwise automatic including smiling, blinking, and swinging your arms. You may no longer gesture as you communicate with people. Some individuals have speech problems where in their speech slurs or they may hesitate before starting a sentence. Your speech might sound more monotone and lack its inflections. There may also be difficulty writing. Medications can be used to reduce the symptoms.

The causes are certain nerve cells in the brain gradually dying. Many of the symptoms are due to the complete loss of neurons that are responsible for producing a chemical messenger in your brain. As these chemicals decrease abnormality takes place in the brain activity which causes the symptoms. Genes can also cause Parkinson's disease. There are specific genetic mutations that can cause the disease, which family members might incur. There are other environmental triggers such as toxins that can increase the risk as well.

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