Should College Athletes Get Paid

College athletes are just as popular as professional athletes but they don’t get paid, why is that? Well if you look at college athletes, you know that most of them are getting scholarships to play at that school so therefore they are getting an education as they are playing sports. It’s hard to say if they should get paid or not because if they are good enough athlete then they can go pro and all the hard work in school and in the game will pay off.

They are still students so you know that they don’t have that much money and when you are a college athlete, you have to juggle school work, sports, and a job if you want to live. Some students might have it easy and their parents help them out with money but others don’t have that luxury so they rely on work to help cover expenses. Since the change in laws about young adults and health insurance, them being covered by their parents till they are 26 has lifted some of the financial burden off of them but they still need money to live on.

Even if the school only gave them a few thousand dollars a year, this would help these athletes out. Especially since most of the games are played for a huge crowd and they could use some of that revenue to offset the cost. There are some ways that schools could paid their athletes but it probably won’t happen any time soon. Schools like to save every penny they have and use it, which leaves little to go around to pay them. Maybe there is some kind of reform that all schools should do the help give their sport students some extra money for all their effort.

Since these players have done well enough to be on a college team, they should at least get some compensation for all their hard work. It takes a lot of skill to play in college sports and these players deserve the same kind of respect and compensation that professional get, even if it is just free room and board and food allowance every month. While there are some things being done to help give them some kind of money to help out, we are still waiting for a universal plan to help college athletes get paid for their talent.

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