The idea of helping someone take their own life seems ridiculous and unethical. But, euthanasia is allowing people to honor their wishes through an assisted suicide with a health professional. Why would someone feel the need to end their life with the help of a doctor? You would think they would go to a doctor to get help for a problem they are having. People are not sure which aspect is more confusing; the idea that a doctor is willing to help someone end their life or the idea that a person wants to end their life with professional help.

Most people would disapprove of this concept because they feel life is something precious. It is a gift given that includes going about your daily routine with purpose. But for some people they feel they do not have a purpose or that being the face of assisted suicide is their purpose. Some feel they have a right to die and say when they want to die. Others feel there are religious beliefs that make this act okay (or a sin depending on your religious beliefs). Even though this practice has been around for some time there are people outraged that certain countries allow this to continue.

There are different ways a person can go about completing an assisted suicide. A patient may have a debilitating disease and know they won’t live for long. They may decide to stop their treatment or decide not to carry out a certain action such as having a surgical procedure that could save their life. Some use medicine to help shut the body down. Overall, a person exploring this option would meet with a doctor that has experience doing this. There could be some moral ethics behind euthanasia that would only make sense to the patient and their doctor.

There are government bodies in different parts of the world reviewing legislature related to assisted suicides. While few believe a person has the right to go in peace the way they want to, there are still too many ethical issues that stand in the way of making something like this completely legal. Some countries have had to make changes to their law and provide clarification to help people make sure they are making a wise choice. This decision may be to allow a person to take their own life but only under certain circumstances.

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