Benefits Of Having A Pet

Mankind has benefited from the presence of animals from time immemorial. They have come in all different varieties from avian to mammalian and reptile and have served as food, transport, communication devices and even as companions. This essay will go through some of the most obvious benefits that come from owning a pet.

Feeling Safer

In terms of guarding homes, dogs are most often the pet of choice. Descended from wolves, they can alert human members of the household to intruders with a few barks and even scare them away. Aside from this, their acute sense of smell makes them more likely to sniff out smoke when fires have just started and help get all the people in the house outdoors before the building collapses. Cats may be less useful against intruders but they have also been known to take action to save their owners as have birds and even snakes. Animals think differently to people which allows them to assess threats differently which can end up saving lives.

Relieving Depression

The majority of depression sufferers who seek treatment end up being led to pharmaceutical methods of dealing with their illness. Studies have shown, however, that having a pet can be just as or even more effective in combating depressive symptoms. There are animals that are naturally compassionate and will take care to provide loving physical contact when they sense that their owners are troubled. When done frequently enough this can even start to prevent depressive episodes from beginning. In this sense they act as an expanded social circle with less judgment than human peers would give.

Creating a Sense of Responsibility

Children learn to be responsible from having situations in which their actions cannot be easily passed on to someone else. Pets provide such situations in abundance. If the litter box is not tended to frequently, it will overflow. If the dog is not taken for walks regularly, he will cry and if the fish is not fed, he will float to the top of the tank and never swim again. Noticing this cause and effect can build good habits that eventually spill over into other areas of life such as school work or even the building up of a career.

In general, having a pet is a good idea. Even the most asocial people can find an animal that suits their personalities of they look hard enough and the rewards of such actions are numerous.

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