The Top 15 Amazing 7th Grade Cause And Effect Essay Topics

A cause and effect essay explains how one event or occurrence leads to another. The interesting thing about this type of essay is that a person can focus on either the causes that may lead to the effect or someone can focus on the effects that happen as a result of the cause. Here are 15 amazing topics that 7th graders will enjoy writing an essay on:

  1. Drinking alcohol/underage drinking
  2. Doing illicit drugs
  3. Sex: Abstinence or not
  4. Shoplifting
  5. Cheating in the classroom
  6. Body Piercing
  7. Texting vs talking
  8. Violence on television
  9. Participating in scholastic sports
  10. Playing video games
  11. Parents getting a divorce
  12. Bullying
  13. Completing homework
  14. Getting a job while attending school
  15. Gangs or Cliques

Each one of these topics is very familiar to most 12-13 year old children. The interesting thing is you can actually write 30 cause and effect essays from the above 15 very interesting topics.

For example: A student may decide to write an essay on cheating. Next, he has to make the decision on whether to focus on the possible causes of cheating such as:

    Didn’t study or seek extra help Fear of reprisal from parents for not getting a good grade Peer pressure, want to act cool or tough

The effect of this essay would be getting an A on the test.

The student may also decide to write his essay on cheating but instead, focus on the effects of cheating such as:

    Getting an A on the test Getting caught and getting expelled from school or fail the test Feeling guilty for cheating which may result in low self esteem

The cause of this of this article was the fact that the student didn’t know the material that was going to be on the test or that he didn’t understand it.

Each of these great topics will allow any 7th grader the opportunity to write a very informative cause and effect essay. Most students of this age group are very informed about the subject matter. The topics outlined above are very important to this age group and creating these papers gives the student the ability to learn some things about themselves and also make some decisions that may affect the rest of their lives.

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