Composing A Top-Quality Reflective Self-Evaluation Essay

An essay describing an experience you’ve had and how this experience has helped you grow or changed you in some way is known as a self-evaluation essay. It may also be referred to as a self-reflective essay. Both are similar in that you are demonstrating how you achieved personal growth through a significant life experience.

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Some of the essential elements of a reflective self-evaluation essay include:

  • An introduction to let the reader know what you will be presenting in the essay. This should be brief yet touch on the main points that will be contained in the paper.
  • A thesis statement illustrating the main points of your reflection. This gives a preview without exposing all the details.
  • Personal experiences. Your teacher might provide you with one or more questions to help draw out certain types of reflection they are looking for. For example they might ask about a life experience that has been your greatest challenge and how you faced it and overcame. Or they might ask what you would change about your past actions if you were given a second chance.
  • If not provided with specific questions, you are expected to talk about your life and how certain things have helped you grow. Use specific details and anecdotes from your life.
  • Think and write critically about your life experiences. What were some skills you learned, responses you gave that you liked or didn’t like, some actions you took in response to things that happened.
  • Strengths and weaknesses you discovered about yourself. How did they come about? How have they changed? What would you have done differently in certain situations and why?
  • Your conclusions about the reflections and evaluations you have given. How have they stimulated your growth as an individual? Readers should be clear on the ways your experiences have affected you. How do you plan to use the things you’ve learned in your future endeavors? Are you grateful for what has happened and the way it has molded who you are? Will the things you’ve learned prove useful in future relationships?

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