Neanderthals are considered ancestors of humans from thousands of years ago. They look very similar to humans but they were known to be slightly shorter with variations in body structure. They were known to have larger brains and other features that would make them look distinctively different from the way humans look today. Few believe they are spinoffs of particular specie of Homo, but this continues to be argued and explored today. Researchers believe at one point there was only a small number of them, under 10,000, in existence before becoming extinct.

Neanderthals lived together in tribe groups. The groups could have up to 200 members at a time. Scientists have found evidence of their existence from tissues and fossils found. This material provided essential genetic details that lead them to believe they belonged to Homo genus. There are several pictures and drawings that depict what Neanderthals looked like. They have somewhat of a caveman look to them with differentials of their body parts and facial structures. Researchers believe they may have been in existence over 100,000 to 300,000 years ago or longer. How they lived and valued beliefs was different from what most humans’ value today.

They were known to use weapons that were sharp on the ends with long sticks or poles. They also had spears, axes and other related tools. They used fire, skinned animals and engaged in ritual burials. They shared some similar beliefs and activities humans engage in today. When food was scarce researchers believe they may have engaged in cannibalism. Most Neanderthals lived in parts today known as Europe. Many people believed they could not talk, but instead grunt or make noises to each other as a form of communication. Scientists have found evidence they may have known more language than making weird noises. This includes finding DNA and a gene associated with human language development.

While Neanderthals have been extinct for some time, there are scientists interested in possibility bringing them back through fertilization. There have been samples of DNA collected from fossils found. They believe they can be used to fertilize an egg in a woman. Yet, there is too much controversy surrounding the idea. While this can be a unique accomplishment for the world of science, it may pose complex ethical questions that may not have a definitive answer. One may ask do we really want to revive this specie.

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