Of Mice And Men

Of mice and men is a book by John Steinbeck. This book follows to migrant workers who are left off of their bus far away from the farm in California where they have to start working. But you are overcome by thirst and so they stopped in a clearing and decide that they will camp there for the night. The two men began to converse and it is clear that one of them has a mental disability and is deeply dependent upon the other for protection and for guidance.

The larger man sees that the mentally unstable man has been carrying around a DeadMau5 that he petted until he accidentally killed it. He throws it away and anger fearing that the man might catch a disease from the dead animal and complains loudly that his life would be simpler if you didn't have to take care of this other man. But he nonetheless senses that their friendship and devotion is a mutual thing. They share a dream of buying their land, farming it and keeping rabbits. By the end of the night they begin to exchange stories.

The next day the man report to a local branch and insist that they travel together because their cousins and a horse kicked the smaller man in the head when he was a young child. This ranch hires that you men. Upon forming a friendship with another man the three of them decide to make a pact that they will own land together but that no one else can know if their plan. In the end there are complications with the wife of the ranch owner whom they younger man and up killing on accident. All the men of the town rally together in a Lynch party to track them down. The more protective of the two finds him first and ensures him that he's not angry and that he understands that it was an accident. He shoots him in the back of the head and as the Lynch team arrives he convinces them that the smaller man had a gun and he had to wrestle it from him in order to save his own life. Only the third man in their secret trio knows that he was killed out of mercy so he consolingly leads him from the other men.

This book is a highly emotive one which focuses on themes of human nature and human existence. It is one that speaks highly on fraternity and that idealized friendship between men which can have a profound effect and impact on the lives of those around them. It also points out the impossibility of the American dream, something which was never really achieved by those within the book.

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