Composing A Good Essay On Why Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Perhaps everyone is aware of the idiom, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, but it doesn’t stay restricted to a mere saying. Seen from the standpoint of health education and preventive measures, it always makes sense to take strong precautionary measures to prevent diseases rather than wait for solutions to cure.

The saying, given its importance at every possible step, makes for an interesting topic as an academic essay. The focus lies on making people aware of the possible outcomes of not following certain measures to rid off illnesses. Naturally, the paper that should be framed must contain essential points that explain how future illnesses can be kept at bay, especially taking into account the budget allocated for heath matters worldwide.

Approach considered best

For this type of essay, a five paragraph format is considered ideal. An introduction, at least three body paragraphs and a conclusion constitutes the entire essay. While the intro gives substantial details about the topic in addition to background information and thesis statement, the body usually establishes arguments, searches for relevant findings and thereby the student is expected to establish his or her viewpoints, in support of the topic. If the thesis statement is proved well, the conclusion must wrap up the ideas and restate all the points covered.

Checklist to keep in mind while framing the paper

For composing a good essay on why prevention is better than cure, few aspects need to be considered:

  • The attempt must be on proving the thesis. Deviating from the main topic and considering other sides can actually cause it to be less effective. Most importantly, the way the research question is stated and worked out, explains how strong the student holds his or her view about the topic.
  • A topic sentence should be present for each paragraph that forms the essence. Despite relevant findings guiding the paragraphs, the essence is best captured by some captivating sentences.
  • One should be particularly wary about grammar, punctuation, spellings, tone and the like. Aside ensuring proper formatting of sentences, it must be kept in mind that they carry proper meaning.
  • Despite containing findings on the topic, it is important to evaluate in the present context. Most students fail to apply current perspectives in a topic that has scope for much debate and that results in poor grades.
  • Between each paragraph, there should be some transitions that connect as links from one topic to the next. This establishes the flow of ideas effectively.

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