A List Of Great Essay Topics On Responsibility For College Students

When we think of responsibility we often refer to the distinct human ability to make sound decisions that serve both personal interests and that of others. We also refer to taking credit – whether good or bad – for those decisions. This simple but helpful definition allows for a number of questions that make for excellent essay topics on responsibility. Here is a list of eight really good ones to use in your college course or use as inspiration to develop topics all your own:

  • 1) Social responsibility towards the better of the community. What does it mean to put the community’s welfare in the decisions one makes each day? Who decides what is good?

  • 2) Corporate responsibility and need for corporate oversight. Many large corporations consider the needs of investors before those of the commu
  • 3) Parents are responsible for the actions of their children. This has been generally accepted throughout human history. But what about cases in which children commit serious crimes or acts of violence? Are parents still accountable?

  • 4) Responsibility and accountability for legal damage. It’s understood that if someone damages property then he or she is accountable to pay damages. Does insurance undermine this and remove some of the burden of consequence from the guilty party and place the burden on others?

  • 5) Ethical accountability in social situations. Ethics has always been a subject that brings many opposing views, and in this case it’s no different. Are people responsible for keeping a vague sense of ethics when making decisions in social situations?

  • 6) Humans are responsible for what goes on in the world. Is it true that humans should be accountable for what is happening in other parts of the world? Should we interfere or leave situations for local communities to handle on their own?

  • 7) People need to be more conscious of damage to the environment. Global warming and other adverse effects of the industrial age are believed to be on the shoulders of humans. Should people bare the blame or is environmental destruction inevitable?

  • 8) Spending too much or too little. Should people really be held accountable for how they wish to spend their money? There are so many expenditures that are necessary but no one looks at how these may cause some financial instability.

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