Go to School: It Pays Off

Whether you go to the United States, Africa or Asia, it is evident that education is one of the most valued and sought after service. Research has indicated that people who are educated are more likely to live a happy, satisfying and comfortable life than people who are not educated. Whereas it is obvious that not all educated people live comfortably and happily, it is prudent to state that lack of education creates limits a person to numerous chances that would otherwise ensure a happy and comfortable life. It is essential to admit that there are exceptions and that there are some uneducated people who are extremely successful. On the contrary, it is evidently clear that there are numerous people who have attained high levels of education and are still living in a state of poverty.

The benefits to acquiring quality education are endless. To start with, education is the platform through which a person lives a comfortable life. It is clear that for a person to live a comfortable life, he or she must have a well-paying job. Education enables people to acquire such jobs without any enormous struggle. It is common knowledge any well-paying and decent job will have good education of at least graduate level as a requirement. These jobs fall well under the white collar jobs. Accountants, nurses, teachers, engineers and other numerous professionals are all educated. It is rare to find a Jua kali artisan who is well educated in a developed country. This ensures that the educated people have access to quality life and live happily and comfortably.

Secondly, education is an enemy to ignorance. Ignorant people are unaware of numerous things happening around them and they mainly suffer due to their lack of information. One area that requires the elements of education is personal health. General education helps individuals to have the knowledge to identify various symptoms and signs of a disease hence seek medical attention early. In other words, educated people are able to have preventive health as opposed to people who do not have sufficient education. Additionally, education brings about civilization in the society. Educated people are able to interact with other members of the society peacefully. On the other hand, uneducated people will find it extremely difficult to interact and associate with people in the society. This is mainly due to their lack of knowledge and the essential skills to handle situations.

In conclusion, it is evident from the discussion that education is essential and that it indeed pays off. It is paramount for every child to acquire education. Education not only provides opportunities for good and well-paying employment opportunities, but also offers critical information regarding a myriad of issues such as health and socialization. Whereas there might be a few shortcomings regarding education, it is clear that the benefits of education are numerous.

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