The Top 7 Fresh Proposal Essay Topic Ideas to Consider

In a proposal essay, you’ll be asked to find a problem and then discuss a potential solution. You’ll be doing an equal amount of research and independent thinking, and your professor or teacher will be looking to see how thoroughly you researched the subject as well as how deeply you thought about it. Proposal essays can be very difficult; and it doesn’t make it any easier when you don’t know what to write about! Finding a topic can be just as time-consuming and stressful as any other part of the process. Some good features to look for in a proposal essay topic include: controversy, interest, novelty, and originality. Here are some general tips to follow as well as seven great proposal essay topics to keep in mind and get you inspired.

Controversy is important because you want your proposal essay to actually matter in today’s world, and to spark interest within your reader. Controversial topics are great ways to get a reader’s attention immediately, since it’s something that you’re probably hearing a lot about in the news and in people’s conversation.

You also want your paper to be interesting to you, not just to your reader. After all, a paper written by someone who’s bored of what they are writing about will be…well, boring!

Novelty is also important: there’s no use proposing a solution to a problem that’s already been solved. That would be like discovering a vaccine for rabies…again. Pick a topic without any easy answers, that hasn’t already been solved in some way.

Originality might be the most important; you should seek a topic that you can say something new about, instead of just repeating solutions that other people have been suggested. There may be many ways to “build a better mousetrap”, but you should seek out a topic on which you have an idea that hasn’t been explored in-depth by other writers before you.

  1. How can we prevent dehydration from drug use at concerts?
  2. How can we help make zoos more humane for animals?
  3. How can we stop the rising threat of the NSA spying and tracking American citizens?
  4. How can we encourage people to question cable news stations?
  5. How can we discourage the use of tear gas and pepper spray by police?
  6. How can we encourage people to shop at local businesses?
  7. How can we increase awareness of and reduce methamphetamine use?

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