US Tactics In Vietnam

The Vietnam War was a conflict of its kind. None like its kind had been experienced before. The fight took different forms by all the forces that took part in it. The United States played a very significant role through the use of various tactics and technology. Most of these new technologies had not been used in the past or may have been used partially in previous conflicts. Many of these were very disastrous for the whole country.

Search and kill tactics contrasted with guerrilla methods

Initially, the United States forces went to Vietnam in a mission that was aimed at dealing with the communists in that country and oust them. The United States held the belief that these communists occupied the country’s north. Unfortunately, the US did not know that the north was getting some of its support from communists in the south also named Viet-Cong. These were guerrilla warriors who engaged in war right from the beginning of the first Indo-China conflict. They used harassment tactics on the forces of the United States in the Southern regions of the nation. This was basically done to weaken their morale.

On the other hand, the United States searched out and wrecked the guerrilla warriors and the towns they controlled. They also went further to remove the insurgents who posed a danger to the area. The Americans engaged in the war through the use of superior weapons and better technology. This tactic played very well into the hands of the guerrilla warriors. They fought through traps and ambushes that were constructed near their towns and would engage in the fight head-on once they were sure of victory. The Americans used the Napalm – very harmful and dangerous weapons that burnt everything on the way once lit. They also used Agent Orange – an herbicide or a defoliant that was used with an objective of destroying crop farms and expose the supply lines of the enemy.

Challenges involved

Most of the American soldiers could not make the difference between the enemy and the civilians. Some soldiers wondered if they were fighting the same people who came to work at their bases during the day. With time, they were left with no other option other than doing blanket bombing in the whole villages. Because of the nature of the war, they did not care about the civilians since they could not differentiate between the enemy and the civilians. They all looked the same and the challenge of dealing with such a scenario was mounting by the day.

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