A List Of Interesting Narrative Essay Topics For 2nd-Grade Students

Does your second grader need help in writing a narrative essay? Follow this link to find out great and fun narrative essay topics. On this website, you will find each topic suiting to your kid’s interests and age.

  1. The First Day I Went to School
  2. You can ask your child to write a story or his experiences about his first day of school. Ask him questions like: What do you remember wearing? How did you feel? What were the things that you did?

  3. An Adventure with my Friends
  4. Your kid would love to write about their fun memories with their friends. This may be in the sandbox or the backyard. He will like to write down all the details of the moment and make a perfect essay.

  5. My Favourite Place in the Playground
  6. Tell your child to describe the playground at his school or the nearby park. Ask him to describe his favourite place there and what he does there. You will find he has a lot to share.

  7. The Things I Love to do in my Classroom
  8. Find out from your second grader the activities he does in class. Ask him about the things he loves to do and write them down. He will enjoy describing each activity and why he loves each.

  9. The Best Story of my Grandparents
  10. If your kid loves stories and spending time with your parents, take advantage of this essay for them have some quality time. Allow your parents to share their stories and have your kid retell the best one.

  11. The Fantastic Family Outing
  12. Your kid most likely will never forget your family outings. Ask him to describe one and his eyes will just light up. He will definitely be inspired to write about your family and the places you’ve been.

  13. Whenever I Go Trick-or-Treating
  14. The Halloween experience of your second grader is also a great memory he’d like to share. He can describe his costumes and the decorations. He can describe the monsters he has met too.

  15. The Time I Got an Award
  16. Another great topic can be highlighting your child’s achievements. You can ask him how he trained and felt for an award in sports or academics. Your child will grow up and look back at the essay, feeling proud of his early accomplishments.

  17. My Hungry Tummy Loves
  18. When talking about food, your kid will have a lot to say. He can describe his favourite food, how its cooked, ad where to find it. You will find this a great opportunity to grab a snack and bond with him.

  19. Meeting my Teacher
  20. Your child can also describe meeting his teachers he can describe how his teachers have helped him learn more things. You will be able to appreciate his love for learning too with this exercise.

With any of these topics, your child will be delighted to write a narrative essay. You will also learn more about your kid’s beautiful first insights about the people and places he has been to. You never know, with one of these topics, you are shaping one of the future’s best authors.

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